WebDAV Client

Do you need a fast, secure, full-featured WebDAV client which is as powerful as the top FTP programs available today?
Do you miss the support for high speed multi-part downloads, resumption of broken transfers and well designed user interface which doesn't clutter your desktop?
There is absolutely no reason why you should not get the same comfort and power that the users of modern FTP software are used to! Try this award-winning WebDAV client and be surprised how efficient and comfortable your work can be. Check the list of implemented features to learn more about the benefits our WebDAV client can bring you!

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BitKinex is a freeware WebDAV client for everyone who wants to speed-up his WebDAV-related tasks. It does not matter whether you are a power user managing many WebDAV servers or just a beginner creating his first web site. BitKinex will guide you through the world of WebDAV safely and with ease, providing you with benefits not available in today's WebDAV clients.

Top reasons why to choose our WebDAV Client:

High performance will speed up your work dramatically

  • uses multiple connections not only for file transfers but also for deletion or browsing of remote directories
  • automatically uses high speed multipart and multithreaded file transfers whenever possible

Perfect reliability guarantees trouble-free processing of even complex WebDAV tasks

  • built-in request manager keeps track of all your tasks in detail (uploading web pages, moving complex directory structures, editing remote files, creating new directories, ...)
  • interrupted incomplete requests can be automatically resumed by application restart

Well proven security standards will keep your data safe

  • supports strong cryptographic algorithms used in banking and other mission-critical systems
  • optional password protection for your server definitions

Space-saving user interface lets you concentrate on your primary tasks

  • minimizes the amount of space occupied on your desktop to one small window showing the status of running requests

The current version supports the FTP, FTPS, SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS and WebDAV protocols including direct (FXP) and indirect (protocol independent) server-to-server transfers, request scheduling and resumption, properties inheritance, command line interface, file filters, overwrite rules, transparent windows and much more!